4 Reasons Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Important for Your Team

4 Reasons Why Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Important for Your Team

During a typical work day professionals spend 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting at their desk. Researchers found sitting at a desk for a long time is bad for physical and mental health. Standing desks have started to arrive at workplaces or home offices. Yet, it may be difficult to stand for an entire eight-hour shift. Having an ergonomic office chair is still important in a professional work environment. Here are four reasons why ergonomic office chairs remain important for your team:

1. Creates a Flexible Team Environment

Ergonomic chairs allow you to move, spin, rock and roll! They flow with your body and let you change a variety of adjustments. A flexible environment may contribute to effective teamwork. Sitting in an ergonomic office chair allows one to focus without distractions from discomfort. Ergonomic office chairs provides the team comfort and flexibility that may influence productivity.

2. Offers a Variety of Choices to Fit Your Team

A variety of choices to fit your team. Ergonomic office chairs.

Whether short or tall, there is a variety of options for all. The height, weight and sizes of team members will vary. Ergonomic office chair design reflects that everyone’s physical attributes are not the same. Ergonomic office chairs give your team freedom to adjust to a chair height, sit up or shift their seat depth. The seat tilt tension allows one to increase or decrease the springiness to recline a chair. All seat adjustments help each member of the team achieve their preferred comfort.

3. Encourages Good Posture = Better Health

Encourages Good Posture. Ergonomic office chairs.

Do you still use traditional office chairs versus ergonomic office chairs? In a poorly designed chair, one may slouch or sit in awkward positions in an attempt to be comfortable. Poor posture contributes to poor health and affects your office culture and staff. Ergonomic office chairs for your team will contribute to better posture and can reduce health costs. Several office chair manufactures offer customize-able options. In order for you to select a combination of adjustments and style to benefit the team. With such specific details, it would be difficult not to find the best ergonomic office chairs for your team.

4. Shows Appreciation for Your Team

Shows appreciation for your team. Ergonomic office chairs.

According to Bryant Rice, a practice leader at a workplace strategy firm, the most requested feature of an office chair is comfort. The second most requested feature is adjustability. Every team member wants to feel comfortable and safe while at work. One way to show a team appreciation is making health a priority. Investing in a healthy and comfortable work environment shows the company cares.

Professionally designed ergonomic office chairs remain important. Do you know when to replace office chairs for your team? Or are you wondering how to choose ergonomic office chairs? Learn signs to look for when replacing your teams chairs and download the SitOnIt Seating White Paper “When to Replace an Office Chair”.

Do you have an ergonomic office chair? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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