5 Tips to Organize Your Collaborative Space

5 Tips to Organize Your Collaborative Space

In open offices, think labs and collaboration labs exist to inspire teamwork. In a survey, 86 percent of respondents blame lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Collaborative spaces can help lead your team to success. It’s important to keep these spaces free of germs and organized to prevent distractions. Here are five tips to keep your collaborative spaces in tiptop shape.

1) Wipe Away Germs

wipe away germs collaboration
Many teams may use your collaborative space regularly, consider encouraging them to wipe touched items or surfaces after every use. Commonly touched surfaces include tabletops, door handles, conference phones or speakers and whiteboards. Use appropriate surface cleaners and disinfectant wipes to prepare collaborative spaces for the next bright idea.

2) Categorize It

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Post-it notes, colored paper, charts and other brainstorming tools can take up space. Consider categorizing leave behinds and tools to place in bins or shelves. The places people collaborate should not become untidy or unsanitary. Consider categorizing tools by department or team and stay organized.

3) Keep it Sanitary

keep it sanitary
Unfortunately, sniffles and sneezes don’t delay when you’re brainstorming. Consider keeping boxes of tissues available so people do not have to go far before sneezing. Keep hand sanitizer wipes or gel in arms reach and help keep germs far away.

4) Create Guidelines

guidelines _734122630-1Your collaborative spaces may be popular. Consider guidelines such as; reserve the space, clean and sanitize after meetings, organize your materials etc. A list of guidelines help set expectations so everyone has an enjoyable experience collaborating.

5) Use Sustainable Items

use sustainable items collaboration Miller’s has over 1,200 environmentally friendly facility products. Such as non-toxic cleaning solutions, paper towels, napkins and boxes of facial tissues. If you have a coffee brewer in your collaborative space, consider using sustainable coffee cups also.

Encourage and support teamwork and collaboration in your office by keeping your collaborative space organized. Are you interested in ways you can keep your workplace more sanitary and sustainable? Our facilities solutions expert helps educate and engage staff in the well-being of your workplace. Discover how we can help you keep a clean, healthy office throughout the year.


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