3 Benefits of Creating a Coffee Shop Feel “Office”

3 Benefits of Creating a Coffee Shop Feel “Office”

Do you ever wonder why people go to Starbucks to study or do work? Today people are choosing to do work at their local café. Coffee shops have become the new ideal workplace because of its more relaxed and creative environment.  Some people may find it hard to concentrate during the noisy coffee rush, but turns out, to some people it can be more beneficial than working in a quiet office.

Here are ways to bring that coffee shop feel to the office and benefits that come along with it: 

1) It can enhance creativity:  

Working in a busy or noisy place like a coffee shop can stimulate your imagination. A study shows that a moderate level of ambient noise can improve performance on creative tasks. Noises like clattering dishes or a brewing coffee machine don’t cause distractions. Instead, they create enough distraction where employees can work more effectively. Ways you can create this atmosphere:

  • Include a coffee area in your office: Add coffee machines and snacks to your breakroom to create the sound of customers in a coffee shop. The sound of co-workers making coffee can create enough productive background noise.
  • Replicate the sound of a cafe at your desk: If your office doesn’t have a coffee area or breakroom, listen to coffee shop sounds on your computer. Coffitivity is a website that plays real ambient sounds that have been recorded in cafés.

2) It can create a relaxed environment:

Portrait of businesswoman holding digital tablet and coffee cup at her desk in the office.jpegPeople enjoy going to coffee shops because they promote a relaxed environment. They have colorful accents, lighting, and modern furniture that makes it inviting. The American Society of Interior Designers found that workplace design affects an employee’s performance and job satisfaction. This type of environment can help employees feel less stressed about their busy

work schedule. Design this environment by:

  • Including new office furniture: Add a comfy sofa to the breakroom. Give employees a comfortable spot to sit and drink coffee during the day. Having coffee at their desk might result in them drinking fast and continuing to work. A relaxing area can give them the opportunity to slow down, take a mental break and enjoy their coffee.
  • Change up the lighting: Research shows that fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and dim lighting can lower productivity. Keep your office bright with natural lighting by opening up the blinds or adding lights that mimic sunlight.

3) It can promote productivity:

startup business, software developer working on computer at modern office.jpeg

Coffee shops tend to be filled with people who are doing similar things; studying or working. Studies show that simply observing others working hard can be contagious. Seeing others put in significant effort can encourage people to work harder. Co-workers may not know what others are working on, but they can positively influence each other with their productivity. Ways you can create this: 

  • Designate a common workspace area: Encourage people to have meetings or work in your breakroom. Consider having a more open-floor plan where each department is not separated by walls. If your office has cubicles, lower the separation or eliminate them all together. Employees can still keep their personal workspace, but have the ability to see others at work.

By incorporating a coffee shop feel to the office, you’re giving employees the opportunity to be creative, relaxed, and productive. With these benefits, employees will have an environment to be successful during their workday.

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